As ‘Super Quality Control’, we provide inspection and analysis services for various subjects as stated below in import and export procedures that process in both national and international ports.

  • Pre-shipment sampling and stock control
  • Quality and Quantity Inspection
  • Weighing
  • Weight determination with ullages
  • Sampling
  • Draft Survey
  • Bunker Survey
  • Laboratory Facilities
  • Tests

We realize the services stated above for all types of coal, minerals, metals, fertilizers, agricultural products, crude oil and petroleum products at both import and export ports and stockyards by well-trained and experienced staff.

What is Inspection?

Inspection means, controlling of the commercial goods on behalf of the buyers or sellers whether they conform with the contract conditions or not. The inspection could be made with respect to the quality, quantity, packaging, labeling, transport, loading or delivery time, etc.

Inspection Companies

Due to the requests of importers and exporters, after performing an inspection, inspection companies prepare a report about conformity of the goods with the legal responsibilities and requied specifications.

The Benefits of Inspection:

  • Determinations of conformity of the goods with the contracts or standards, on behalf of sellers or buyers, before and/or after the shipment,
  • The prevention of the possible disagreement between sellers or buyers, and contingent losses,
  • Inspection enables price adjustments which provide important advantages both to the importers and exporters.

Inspection Certificate

It is a document prepared by the inspection company which states the conformance of the goods to the sales contract. In other words, it is the determination of quality, quantity, labeling, loading, and delivery time of the goods by the inspection companies on behalf of the buyers and sellers.
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